Existing Structure Retrofit and Addition

Original structure constructed with CMU walls and light-frame wood roof. New wood framed parapets and entry expansion added to existing structure. The existing roof was retrofit to meet current code anchorage requirements for CMU walls.

New Storage Building

Paradise Valley Storage
Light-frame timber construction over concrete slab foundation. Roof structure utilizes pre-engineered wood trusses.

Existing Structure Addition

Paradise Valley Bistro
Light-frame timber construction over conventional concrete foundation. New addition utilized similar construction to existing building to provide seamless integration with existing components.

Existing Structure Change of Use

The existing structure was constructed with brick walls and site built wood trusses. The entire front wall system was reconstructed to accommodate full height roll up doors.

New Offices

Cemetary District
Light-frame timber construction over post-tensioned slab. Roof structure utilizes pre-engineered wood trusses.

Remodel of Existing Structure

991 Nut Tree
Existing structure is two-story light-frame timber over conventional concrete slab foundation. The crosect required retrofit of existing framing to allow for removal of multiple load bearing waves.

New Activities Center

Activities Center
Light-frame timber construction over concrete slab on grade. Roof structure is conventionally framed wood.

New Car Wash and Retail Building

Ricks Retail Center
The retail building is light-frame timber construction. Car wash building utilizes CMU walls and wood framed roof structure. Both buildings utilize conventional concrete foundations.

Roof Replacement

Wells Fargo Bank
Roof replacement of existing two-story steel structure for Wells Fargo. A large portion of the original roof was constructed w/a proprietary glazing system. The glazing system was removed and replaced w/steel deck over light gauge steel joists.